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The Laptop Lifestyle – 3 SECRETS for Getting Money, Travel & Freedom

(Pic: The Village of Portmeirion, North Wales)

Laptop Lifestyle. People want it ,some people will go to any lengths to achieve it, but exactly how achievable is it, and better still, how can you do it?

The laptop lifestyle is portrayed and one long round of exotic holidays, often taken with gorgeous looking people, generally living it up and earning “bundles” of money as they live this “carefree” lifestyle..

Now, I have no doubt that all of the above is possible, but I’m here to tell you, it’s not all like that.

Video: My recent journey around Wales, UK.

The Laptop Lifestyle – Does Your Beach Have Wifi?

For example, not many beaches have Wifi, and the sun can be extremely strong on your laptop screen, so laptop visibility and reception is not guaranteed on the beach. Sitting under a beach umbrella can improve screen visibility but “Wifi on the beach” is rare, unless you are a short distance away from a good free Wifi source..

There are external devices you can plug into your laptop such as your smartphone (as long as you can get a phone signal on the beach) to get 3g or 4g wifi, but that’s another story..

I will reveal 3 SECRETS to get everything you want from the Internet, but first, you must decide exactly what it is, you want. Everyone is different. My recent 3 month Laptop Lifestyle stint around the shores of the UK, appealed to me, but might not appeal to you.

I know most people love to travel, but as I spoke with several people online during my recent travels, some said they love travelling for a week or so, but not for months. I totally get that.

Believe me, months of sleeping on hotel beds and eating foods not perhaps as wholesome as “home cooking” might be, can take their toll on you eventually.

I identified the main things that people wanted to get from the Internet as Money, Travel and Freedom. Those were the three things that came up most when talking to my current and previous clients.

Now, you may say that if you have money, you also have freedom. This is true in some ways, but not in others. You can have all the money in the World, but if you are not healthy, you are hardly free. Also, you could have money, but also be in debt. Most of us have/had mortgages, rentals or finances for cars, motor homes etc..

SO, how can you have MONEY, Travel and have total Freedom?.

Secret 1. Money. Most people think making money online is hard. Some people even have hangups about making money online as they think it’s unethical and not REAL..  This is totally untrue.

More and more people are making legitimate income online every day. In fact, it is now quite normal to know someone who is in fact doing this.

I started by simply blogging, giving tips on how to make money (even though I was broke), and linking the blog posts to affiliate products on Clickbank and Warrior Plus.

Many years later, I would sell high ticket programs

This is how I am able to finance most of my lifestyle today. Selling high ticket programs is not much harder than selling low ticket products, but far more rewarding.

After you have learnt a great deal about selling high ticket programs, and you’ve made money from them, teach others how to do the same – for a fee of course.

TIP: Start part time, build up capital over time, reinvest the capital back into the business.

Secret 2. Travel.  Once you have made some capital from your online business, use some of it to travel. You are actually reinvesting back into the business by doing this. By creating videos and blog posts taken from many locations you are in fact showing people not only that your business is working, but also you are sharing your vision with people..

Most people love to travel, you are creating new connections with people by sharing this.

My business really took off once I decided to become “location independent” and I started sharing my travels and story with people. I took videos, posted them on Facebook and YouTube (Subscribe to my Channel Here). I also blogged about it.

You create more momentum in your business as you share your progress. People want to see you as a true leader. They want to be inspired by you. Share your progress with people, be transparent, share the “down” moments, not just the upside.

Secret 3. Freedom Yes, some people can be happy without freedom, but I personally believe freedom leads to happiness. So what is freedom?. I believe freedom is being able to follow your heart and do things you love to do, go to the places you want to go, without the constant worry of wondering if you can afford it.

In my view freedom starts with Secret 1. The Money. If you create passive income on the Internet in sufficient quantity from a business built on good foundations, you can create the lifestyle you want. You can get to travel as often as you like without constantly worrying about the cost.

I do believe that many relationships end through constant arguing about lack of money. I think that lack of money is responsible for great hardship in the world. I see no nobility in poverty, most people can do something about their financial circumstances.

So, there you have it.

I hope you enjoyed this post and got some value from it. If you did, please do share it and leave a comment below.

All the best


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Why You Are NEVER Too Old To Make Money Online

If you think you are too old to be starting a business online, think again.

We are living in a GOLDEN age where age is no longer relevant. People are living longer, and instead of putting their feet up and retiring at 65 to a restful existence, fuelled by inadequate  pension payments, the NEW smart senior entrepreneur has emerged..

In the early days of the Internet, it was indeed mainly a younger person’s playground, it was thought that the typical online entrepreneur was going to be a 16-20 something, however all that has changed, and here’s why.

Using the Internet to build a business has been made a lot easier as advancing technology has levelled the playing field so that people no longer have to  be be tech savvy to make money.

Almost anyone can learn the skills to now make money online. People of all ages can now see the potential of the Internet to improve their lives. We now have a huge amount of senior citizens making money online.

You no longer have to learn coding skills, it really is mainly “paint be numbers” simple. YES, there is a learning curve, but the over 55’s are now a huge force to be reckoned with online, as the ‘Roger Bannister” effect kicks in and just like the 4 minute mile, once seen as being “off limits”, the over 55’s are now CRUSHING it online.

Reliable, dependable people of all ages are now adding to the amazing mix of regular internet users.

If you think about it, an online business is an ideal business for someone who may be retired, or nearing retirement as it means you can build an online income from home. You might have the time now to spend on building a lasting business that can provide you with an income for years and years to come.

Social media sites have reported that there is now a much larger group of over 55’s using their platform, especially Facebook. Facebook recently reported the over 55 group as the fastest growing group of users.

Just because a person has advancing years doesn’t mean they are senile or passed it. Many seniors have a lot more brain power than people half their age.

It’s not about how old you are anymore, it’s about the people skills and other online skills and wisdom you have acquired along the way. Often or not, people over 55 have great determination and resilience, these are great traits to possess, especially for online marketing.

Big pay checks online are not awarded for how young you are, it’s what you do that counts. If you can master some basic skills (you can) you can make an income online. I’ve been doing it for years and I’m not a spring chicken…

Have a great day

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