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The Laptop Lifestyle – Week 4 Update. Touring the UK

A Quick Recap. I recently posted about the start of my journey. I left my home in Broxbourne, Hertfordshire England on September the 11th 2017 to pursue a long held dream of mine. To be location free.

I wanted to tour the UK, then Europe, and on to the World. This was a big goal. Travel, for me has always held a huge attraction, and making money while on the move was an even bigger draw. So how is this even possible?..

It has been made possible because of the power of the Internet. Today, more and more people are becoming “location independent” and are bringing their business on the road with them.

As long as you have an Internet connection, you can run a business. Selling products online is big business nowdays if you know what you are doing,  and there seems to be an insatiable appetite to buy good products that people can access instantly.

The Laptop Lifestyle – So, what products do I sell while I’m on the road?

I sell digital products. If you sell digital products, you don’t have to worry about delivering them personally. I tend to sell more high ticket products these days as this really is where the money is. It’s not that much more difficult to sell a product with a $1000 commission than it is selling a product with a $25 Commission.

I mainly concentrate on getting the traffic and sending it to a recorded webinar or capture page. If you go with an “all in” package, you can get the sales funnel & the email follow ups done for you. This is ideal, if you want a “hands off” business.. I just set the traffic and monitor the business at will.

I’m not saying it’s all this “easy” but a lot of people make this business so much more complicated than it needs to be.  Don’t try to  do everything and don’t try to be everything to every one, this will only lead to frustration and heartache. The “simple” version would be to sell products other people own, and sell them on commission.

Keep it simple..

This is a great way to get into the Internet Marketing business. It’s called Affiliate marketing and can work extremely well if you are prepared to put the work in. The idea is to build a list of people that you can market to on a regular basis and build your business from there.

I also use a blog and youtube videos to promote my capture pages. If you are just starting out, you don’t have to do this to get traffic. There is plenty of free traffic available on Facebook. (Nearly everyone is on Facebook these days)..

It really isn’t that hard once you get the hang of it. I’m actually writing this blog post from McDonalds in Skegness using their free Wifi.

The Laptop Lifestyle – Is it really all a life of dreams on the Road?…

NO.. I won’t kid you.

If you are going to do it, try doing it with a partner. It can get lonely. Although, if you are quite chatty (like me), you’re never alone for long.

Some B&B’s are OK, but some are horrendous. You might be better off going on to Air BnB  some of these rooms can be booked very cheaply (especially if you book a week or month), or you can try going free by being a Housesitter (I haven’t tried this yet), there are also many hostels around the UK, Europe and the World.

So, you need to be earning while you are on the move. The best way, in my opinion is to be marketing high ticket products and/or services, the reason being is, you want decent commissions to pay for your travel, getting one or two $25 commissions a day will help but won’t pay your travelling bill.

I hope this gives you a bit of an insight into being on the road and running a business. When you start out, make sure you have regular commissions already coming in, get a Sat Nav for your car, don’t forget your credit cards…

I keep track of my spending much better if I use my credit card and pay it off each month from the bank account I pay my commissions into..

Prepare yourself for a fun (sometimes frustrating) experience. There is nothing quite like travelling and making money.. Let me know your experiences in the comments below. Or P.M me privately on Facebook if you have questions 

Have Fun…


P.S If you are looking for a reliable way to make those “High Ticket” commissions, click this link 


Laptop Lifestyle – How To Make Money & Travel

In the thoughts of many an online entrepreneur, there lives a strange beast. Commonly known as the Laptop Lifestyle, this much sought after dream comes dressed in many guises, and often reeks of cow dung, fertilised by the mouths of the many who try to sell it to a ready waiting audience.

Is it wrong to sell the lifestyle, if we ourselves are not living it?. Good Question..

laptop lifestyle

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We all have to start somewhere and some people are obsessed with “fake it till you make it” but I personally don’t agree with faking anything as people are not stupid and with so many scams around, people are pretty perceptive and can smell #BS a mile off.

Instead of faking it, show people your vision and tell your story. People love a good rags to riches story.. but make sure it’s true.

Laptop Lifestyle – WHY?

The reason is, the Laptop Lifestyle is very “sellable”. And many, many people want it. After all, it sounds pretty good doesn’t it, touring the World, staying in luxury hotels and earning money..

The thing is, when you try to sell a dream and you yourself are not achieving that dream, people will lose faith in you. And in order to live the dream you need to have many people who believe in you and will buy your products..

laptop lifestyle

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SO, what is the answer?.

Sell, your Story..

People love a good story. Especially one coming from someone who struggles, (or struggled) and finally made it. Share your vision with people. If your vision is on a par with the audience you are targeting then they will follow you, roll with you and often buy from you..

laptop lifestyle

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When I was a new Internet Marketer, I could have #BS’d my way into much earlier sales and commissions, but I chose not to. Here’s why.

I didn’t want to build a business based on LIES!.

I wanted people to follow and grow with me based on my struggles (and there were plenty).

Many of my friends and colleagues online are living their dream. Some are travelling and making money as they go, others take a few more vacations than normal and don’t worry about the expense..

We are all different. Not everyone wants to lie on a beach all day squinting from the sun, while trying to decipher what’s on  the computer screen whilst also dealing with dodgy wifi all day long..

laptop lifestyle

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I’m just beginning my first major journey since I started IM back in 2010. I sold my house and I’m going to travel around the UK first (my home country) as I’ve lived here all my life but never seen much of it.  Then I’m travelling to Europe later this year and then on to other Countries..

The reason I can do this is because I learnt the hard way (at first), then I learnt the sensible way.. And believe me, the sensible way is best. (If you want a short cut to the sensible way, click here)

laptop lifestyle

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Here’s my personal checklist for you on how to go from struggling marketer to living the Laptop Lifestyle..

Step 1. Don’t follow the crowd. They are the crowd for a reason. They work 40 or 50 years of their life 5/6 days a week so they can “earn” one or two days off a week. to pay bills have a couple of decent holidays a year just so they can work their way through life then retire..  They play it safe most of their life

Bad News. 30% of all people DON’T make it to retirement age. Of those who do, 95% retire borderline broke, 4% downsize to subsidise their pension and only 1% retire financially free.


Step 2. Don’t Just Sell Low Cost Items. When you create a “Sales Funnel” create it deep. A Deep funnel is one that has multiple products inside, but MOST importantly, a HIGH Ticket product at the end. This can be a $1000, $2000 or even $5000 Training product or even a live coaching package..

Don’t SKIP this step… it can mean the difference between constantly trying to chase your tail and making hardly any money to making all the money you want to finance your “Laptop Lifestyle”.

(P.S – If you want us to do everything for you, supply the High Ticket Product, a whole range of other products, the funnels, sales video, payment processor… we’ll even do the follow up emails for you until they BUY!.. PLUS, we’ll even teach you how to get the traffic… Click this link for a free presentation. 

Step 3. Don’t Give Up, not now, not ever. Believe in yourself enough to keep going until you succeed. No matter how hard it gets (and it will) just keep going. The alternative is not going to be pleasant.

Step 4. Stay Away from Schemes. When a lot of people come online, they seem to spend an awful lot of time doing anything but what they should be doing. Selling products. It’s so easy to get attracted to get rich quick schemes and other ludicrous ideas that many people burn themselves out doing multiple businesses and crazy schemes until they finally just give up..

Confusion, balancing multiple businesses is one very quick way to fail early on. People who run multiple businesses successfully do it by becoming successful in one first. Take Richard Branson. He built one business first (Virgin Music) then he added other businesses to his empire and got others to manage them..

If that is good enough for a billionaire like Branson, why would you straight away jump into 3 separate businesses?

OK, this post is getting a little bit long now.

I hope you got value from it. The pictures you see on this page were taken by my smartphone on my first week’s journey to the “Laptop Lifestyle,  I hope you liked the post. If you did, please share it and leave a comment below.



P.S Here is the link to our free video on how to short cut the process to your Laptop Lifestyle.. Enjoy!.. 





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