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Why You Are NEVER Too Old To Make Money Online

If you think you are too old to be starting a business online, think again.

We are living in a GOLDEN age where age is no longer relevant. People are living longer, and instead of putting their feet up and retiring at 65 to a restful existence, fuelled by inadequate  pension payments, the NEW smart senior entrepreneur has emerged..

In the early days of the Internet, it was indeed mainly a younger person’s playground, it was thought that the typical online entrepreneur was going to be a 16-20 something, however all that has changed, and here’s why.

Using the Internet to build a business has been made a lot easier as advancing technology has levelled the playing field so that people no longer have to  be be tech savvy to make money.

Almost anyone can learn the skills to now make money online. People of all ages can now see the potential of the Internet to improve their lives. We now have a huge amount of senior citizens making money online.

You no longer have to learn coding skills, it really is mainly “paint be numbers” simple. YES, there is a learning curve, but the over 55’s are now a huge force to be reckoned with online, as the ‘Roger Bannister” effect kicks in and just like the 4 minute mile, once seen as being “off limits”, the over 55’s are now CRUSHING it online.

Reliable, dependable people of all ages are now adding to the amazing mix of regular internet users.

If you think about it, an online business is an ideal business for someone who may be retired, or nearing retirement as it means you can build an online income from home. You might have the time now to spend on building a lasting business that can provide you with an income for years and years to come.

Social media sites have reported that there is now a much larger group of over 55’s using their platform, especially Facebook. Facebook recently reported the over 55 group as the fastest growing group of users.

Just because a person has advancing years doesn’t mean they are senile or passed it. Many seniors have a lot more brain power than people half their age.

It’s not about how old you are anymore, it’s about the people skills and other online skills and wisdom you have acquired along the way. Often or not, people over 55 have great determination and resilience, these are great traits to possess, especially for online marketing.

Big pay checks online are not awarded for how young you are, it’s what you do that counts. If you can master some basic skills (you can) you can make an income online. I’ve been doing it for years and I’m not a spring chicken…

Have a great day

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Lead Magnet Ideas | How To Create an AWESOME Lead Magnet From Your Blog Posts

Lead magnet ideas. Lead generation can be a whole lot more effective if you are actually giving the prospect something of value in return for their information. The problem is, most people do not know how to create simple eBook, lead magnet giveaway.

Problem solved.

I go through a simple step by step way that anyone can create a good looking lead magnet from  a simple blog post. You’ll find a ton of lead magnet ideas in the video below.

I hope you found the video useful, If you did, please do leave a comment on the video. Also, why not subscribe to my YouTube channel while you are there? You will be notified immediately of any new videos.

The thing to remember is, if you are blogging, it really is as easy as I showed you in the video to make multiple lead magnets. If you actually have something of value to say in your blog posts (which you do), then it’s a simple transition to be able to turn that knowledge into a decent eBook, lead magnet.

You want to make sure your lead magnet is not too long. 5 or 6 pages is enough, people want a short 5 minute read to get to the answer to their problem, not a whole Stephen Kin novel.

I have shared my secret Fiverr source in the video, to get your own very professional cover and insert for your lead magnet. She delivers in 24hrs, so you are good to go the very next day.

I hope you found this short post and video useful. If you did, please do share the post and leave a comment below. Also, if you want more useful tips and tricks like this, click this link to join my newsletter list, I have an amazing free gift for you, do you recognise it?

All the best,


How To Quit The Ratrace and Become a Digital Nomad

Become a digital Nomad. For many people, the idea of travelling the World while making money seems very appealing, however the inner voice is sometimes telling them, that this is impossible.

You may be thinking..

I have a big mortgage, 4 kids, a spouse, a job i’ve been at for 15yrs etc, etc. I get all that, I really do. However, there is more to life than doing what everyone else does. My question to you is, if there was a way for you to do it, WOULD you do it?

You see, it’s like anything. Most people talk their way out of things because good old fashion “logic” creeps in and tells us that with all this “stuff” we have going on right now, it’s not possible to free it all up and just “take off”.

Nothing is forever. Stuff is just stuff, but memories are pretty much forever..

So what is a  Digital Nomad?..

Well, according to Wikipedia:

Digital nomads use wireless internet, smartphones, Voice over IP, and cloud-based applications to work remotely wherever they live or travel. Digital nomads also often use coworking spaces, cafes, house sitting agreements, and shared offices in major cities around the world.

Digital nomads tend to travel, while they continue to work with clients or employers. This sort of lifestyle presents challenges such as maintaining international health insurance with coverage globally, abiding by different local laws and sometimes obtaining work visas, and maintaining long-distance relationships with friends and family back home

OK, let’s backtrack.

How did we get all this “stuff” we have in our lives, in the first place?. We collected it. YES, we collected it along the way, House, partner, kiddies, mortgage, cars, debt, jobs, etc, etc.. The problem with all this “collecting” is, it doesn’t add up..

What we may want is a happy life, free from debt, a holiday destination to retire to, money in the bank, etc, etc..

statistically though, 95% of the population, despite collecting all this “stuff” and having a lifetime of JOB’s… still end up borderline broke on retirement.

The facts and the figures don’t lie. These figures apply to the USA and UK but are reflected in many other countries too. Out of every 100 people, one third, never reach retirement age anyway. YES, 33% of the population die under the age of 65 without getting a dime from a pension.

Of each 100 people that do reach retirement age. As I said, 95% are borderline broke, 4% have to downsize to finance their pension and only 1%, YES, a whole 1% are financially free. This is what we are working our whole lives to do. We are working to struggle in retirement.

Now, there are exceptions of course. If you have a good job and you stay the course, you may have a good company pension. You may also decide to work part time to subsidise your state pension. There are the home business people too, they are looking to be financially free and free from a job..

So How do You Become a Digital Nomad?

My first piece of advice would be to learn from people who are already doing it.  It’s no use just giving up your job/s, selling your house etc if you are then going to have to live and rely on your savings, or the money you got from your house sale. you really want to learn how to make money online first.

This gives you more security, as making money online to finance your travel expenses makes a lot more sense. Besides, you never know when you might want to come back to your county again to live.You don’t want to come back broke.

Digital nomads come in all shapes and sizes. A lot of the people I see who become digital nomads tend to be in their 20’s or early 30’s and are mainly couples. I have also seen whole families living the digital nomad lifestyle. It just depends on you, I have also seen people in their 50’s and 60’s successfully become digital nomads.

To Become A Digital Nomad – You Need A Plan

You need to have a proper plan, as I said, learn to create an income over the Internet. Have that up and running before physically starting on your adventure. Create a residual income if possible. Instead of just selling products, sell products that people pay monthly for. Creating membership sites is a good way to do this.

Think also about selling travel. People love to travel (don’t you). You can live the lifestyle whilst portraying the lifestyle that people want, at the same time as introducing them to travel packages where you earn commission. There are several travel clubs where you can get paid to introduce people to great travel deals.

I am personally going to do this in the very near future. You only get one life and their is a whole world out there waiting for you.

I hope this post has been useful. If you want to learn more about becoming a digital nomad and you also want to learn how to make the money to support the lifestyle, this would definitely be worth having a look at.

Peace and prosperity.

How To Quit Your Job In a Mad MAD World.

How to quit your job. A recent survey in the USA from pollsters Gallup, showed that approximately 70% of people who filled in a questionnaire, were pretty much disillusioned with their current job.

I don’t think there are too many surprises there.  Today, people are being asked to do more and more for the same money, and pay rises for the masses are generally either too small to keep up with inflation, or non existent.

In the UK, people on PAYE (pay as you earn), pay a lot in monthly national insurance payments, plus 20% base rate tax, and 40/45% income tax, for higher earners.

work from home businessThe World has gone Flipping MAD… 

No matter which way you look at it. The average working man (and woman) gets screwed over and over again for knuckling down, getting a job, and being a productive citizen.

Even when you do put your head down and be a loyal employee, you still run the risk of getting downsized, no job is safe any more. So the “risk” of starting a home business actually looks even more attractive these days..

Let’s be honest here…

Before the Internet, people had reasonable excuses to not want to go into their own business. Many brick and mortar businesses are fairly costly to start. But with the Internet, it blew 99% of the excuses away. Nowdays, literally anyone can get online and start a home business.

I had enough of getting up at the crack of dawn, commuting to work, putting up with ungrateful bosses and earning myself 2 days off at the weekend..

Is this how we were designed to live?..

I think not..

Do you know the odds of you being born at all?… The  Odds of your being born in this particular time, place and circumstance: about 1 in 400,000,000,000. You are a flipping miracle.

You weren’t designed to work for 40/50 years to pay billls and end up broke. However that’s the reality for most people.

work from homeHow To Quit Your Job – You Must Do This First

Now, before I go any further. Working for yourself is no holiday camp. Many people who work for bosses just do enough in the day to not get “fired”. You can’t bring that attitude into the self employed arena. If you do,  you’ll be banging back on your ex boss’s door faster than Secretariat won the Kentucky Derby..

How To Quit Your Job And Create a Better Lifestyle

Firstly, don’t ever quit your job on a Whim. Yes, your boss might be driving you nuts.. but think about the consequences of quitting. Most people are only two or three paychecks away from being completely broke, so if this is you, build a business in your spare time. FIRST.

Whaat???.. you have no spare time.

This is exactly why people need to build a business. They spend nearly every day at work.  Time is precious, once it’s gone, it’s gone. You can always get more money, but you can’t get more time..

I should know. I did this all WRONG!..

Back in 2010, I quit my job. YES, I had some savings but I also had a large mortgage and a ton of debt. The thing was, I thought I was invincible. I thought I was going to master this  home business “Internet Marketing” thing in a few weeks and really make a TON of money.

After all, the products you buy usually tell you “how easy it all is”..

The “thing” is. It’s not easy. It’s not easy at all.

I fell on my A*s, several times. Even to the degree that I nearly lost the house.. I made a total of $16 in commissions in my first year as a “full time” Internet Marketer. I was on a destructive journey to Brokesville!!!!

SO, how did I turn it all around?

Here’s what I did. I worked out what was the minimum I could live on, without going broke. Believe me, it’s only when you take a long hard look at what you spend money on, you actually start to realize that you spend a lot of money on “crap”..

Some people spend $20-$30 a week on Coffees.

That’s $1000 – $1500 a year.. YES, on COFFEE!!!..

I boiled it all down to a minimum, then worked out how many hours I would have to work in a crappy job to pay the bills every week. I think the magic figure was 25 or something like that.

About 2 – 3 days work a week. And that’s what I did

I started working back at a job, but far less hours. (P.S if your old job won’t let you do this, find a different job)..

I then worked my Internet Marketing business on the other days, so I was almost full time in my business, and part time in my job, which was supporting my bills, in fact all of my living expenses.

Now here is the delicate part. Do you think you are an Internet Marketing Dum A*s?. If you are, hold tight, this next chapter is for you.

How To Quit Your Job – You Know More Than You Think

Most of my non online friends have jobs. In fact, probably a good 50% of them actually hate what they do. They know that I work full time from home, yet can’t see themselves doing it. WHY?

I’m no one special. I have an average education,  I have bills, struggles and the same problems as most people. It’s not that people can’t quit their jobs and work online, it’s because they have been conditioned to believe that they can’t.

People who do well online are usually no different from anyone else, except that they choose to believe that they can do it. It takes work, probably more than most people are prepared to do. You can either look for excuses, make it hard,  or you just get on and do it.

As with anything in life, there are those who do, and those who watch others do. People who are continual watchers, they watch everything…but make very little money, or progress.

Quitting a job and working for yourself begins in your mind first. Take a look around you at the people who are making money online, are they a special type of person?.

I can tell you, they are not.

Family, kids, mortgage??… YUP, plenty of people making money online who have family, kids and mortgages…

English, not your native tongue??.. plenty of people whose first language isn’t English, are  making money online..

Getting on a bit?… Lots of online Entrepreneurs are in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and upwards. Age is a number, not an excuse…

Live in a small country?.. lots of people I know online who come from small towns and countries.. remember, we have the Internet, your audience is Global.  In 2015, it was estimated 3.2 Billion people are online, nearly half of the World’s population.

BOOM!, there has never been a better time to work toward quitting your job and becoming a full time Entrepreneur…

SO, lastly. What does it take?

If you know nothing about making money online, that’s OK. Most people don’t know much at first. In fact, people actually know more than what they think they do, as they have probably been using Social Media, for instance, to communicate with friends. This can be a big advantage as Social Media is a very good way to get customers.

You don’t have to be a genius to make money online. You just need to learn things and implement them. Here is my quick guide to getting started.

Step 1. Decide what type of online business YOU could be YOURSELF in.

A) Do you love talking to people?. you might prefer Networking in a Network Marketing business..

B) Are you creative?. could you create products?, what are you passionate about?. What subjects do you have knowledge about?. Maybe you could create products, digital products even, in something you are crazily passionate about..

Clue: The Top 3 Markets online are Money Making, Health & Wellness & Relationships. Could you create products in any of these three huge markets?.

C) Perhaps you would rather just sell products on Commission. You could find products in your Niche, and sell them online for commission.  Affiliate Marketing is ideal if you are new or an experienced marketer . There is no delivery or customer service to worry about. You sell, you get paid.

Step 2. Learn the basics, then DO IT!

You would be surprised how long people spend in “getting ready” to do something. Yes, there is basic stuff to learn, yes you can always find information online and most of it, is free. If you are prepared to spend an afternoon searching YouTube and Google, you’ll pretty much find all the information you’ll need to get started.

Tip. It’s better to get started, even if you don’t fully know what you are doing, than to wait until you are 100% clear on everything. I am never 100% clear on anything I do online, but I start anyway.  You’ll never be perfect at anything either, and you’ll only get frustrated by trying.

So let me recap on how to quit your job and create a better lifestyle.

Step 1. Find an online business model that YOU can be YOU at. Share your passions, get creative.

Step 2. Build your business part time without the worry of finding money to pay bills, keep your job going for now but give yourself a goal when you will actually quit your job, this is very important.  It took me a while to go full time, I did everything wrong, made every mistake you could possibly make,  but it depends on your determination and how consistently you show up in your business.

It took me a while to go full time, I did everything wrong, made every mistake you could possibly make,  but it depends on your determination and how consistently you show up in your business.

OK, this blog post is getting Waay, Waay too long.. I hope it gave you some ideas. 

Just do it. If you’re going to do it, you may as well get started now!.. who knows where you’ll be in 6 months, or even a year’s time.?

If you got value from this post please share it and leave a comment below. That would be Awesome..

On that note, have a great day..

Here is something a friend of mine, yes an ordinary working man called Riley does to make money on the Internet. It may not be for you, but who knows.

Peace and Prosperity


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