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The Laptop Lifestyle My Personal Journey around the UK, Week 8

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The Laptop Lifestyle.

Wow, last week (week 7) was pretty much a “write off” week. My car decided to give up the ghost and needed a new water pump. so I was pretty much grounded in my hotel in Skegness, Lincolnshire for three days while waiting for the car to get fixed..

The Journey so Far

Soooo, I headed down from Lincolnshire to Porlock in Somerset to begin Week 8.

Porlock is a beautiful village in the heart of Somerset, 5 miles west of Minehead. The area has links with several Romantic poets, R. D. Blackmore, the author of Lorna Doone, being one of them and it is very popular with visitors.

The Village of Porlock has has a feel of “stepping back in time” and some of the cottages are many hundreds of years old. The village itself has links to Saxon times and is now a part of the Exmoor national park.

I stayed at  Glen Lodge  in Porlock which I can thoroughly recommend. The views were amazing (see below)

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I also visited Porlock Weir while I was here. (See Below)

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You may think it is expensive to keep on travelling. This is true as you have accommodation , food and fuel costs (for the car), etc, etc, however it’s all relative. If you have a mortgage or you are renting, the costs can be quite high.

Currently my travel costs are twice as much as my mortgage and normal living costs. But when I was location dependent, I could only travel every now and again. The trick is to earn more than you spend (of course)..

Running an online business can be both fun and very profitable if you do it right. It can also give you a great chance to see more of your Country and the World.

Will I keep travelling forever?. Probably not. But while its doable and fun, I’m going to keep going.

Here are some more pictures from this weeks travels..

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I also spent some time is Minehead. This is a seaside resort in Somerset, about 5 miles from Porlock.

Check out this video:

Well, that’s it for this week.

I am currently back in Chichester staying a few days at my cousin’s house before I’m off to Budapest on Sunday, November the 5th to get my teeth sorted.

Speak soon.

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  1. Like I said Keith, I am loving on the UK more because of your Laptop Lifestyle expose…Keep travelling and dishing the views. 🙂

  2. I Love it So much!! You are totally inspiring Keith!! Thank you so much for sharing your Journey Through the UK while working from your laptop!

  3. Wow…love those pics from the UK…those little towns and the stories behind them are so cool!

    Dr. Lisa

  4. wow! 8 weeks of travel for freedom. That is a huge benefit of running your very own successful business online.Totally amazing Keith. Thank you

  5. 2 cools things about having a laptop lifestyle.
    1. You get to travel whenever and where ever you like.
    2. You get to share your journey with your readers.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. [ Smiles ] Oh, I love reading about your laptop lifestyle; thank you for sharing it with me.

  7. Wow! Never heard about Porlock and I live in the uk. It looks like absolutely beautiful little town. And yes! Parking online really does bring true freedom. And like you said it has to be done the right way😊. Keep bringing us those beautiful views😀😀

  8. Hi Keith…Long time no see. I really enjoyed your post. Travelling like that is a blessing and happy you are living the lifestyle you desire. 🙂

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