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How To Win In The Home Based Business Jungle

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The home based business jungle?. Why would I refer to it as a Jungle?.

If you don’t know what you are doing, it can be a very lonely and frustrating place. The problem doesn’t lie in lack of information, the problem lies in too much information. Too many strategies, too many products and generally too much noise.

However, if you are looking to come out of the jungle, onto the shores of a nice calming sea. Keep reading.

Step 1. In order to be successful in an online business, you don’t have to do everything. You do however need to do “something” well. The main reason why most people fail at it is, they try to do everything all at once and think of it as a kind of sprint.

Step 2. So, before looking at what you should do, you need to analyse you. Whatever you do, do whatever you feel passionate about. But make sure that whatever you feel passionate about, there is already a ready market of hungry buyers jut waiting for you to come along and help them.

Step 3. Never worry about competition. If there is plenty of competition, then it has hungry buyers. If you are trying to start an online business selling hats for hamsters, you might struggle… but, who knows.

Step 4. The biggest Evergreen Niches online are, Health, Wealth and Romance. The trick is to specialise in micro niches. That is, a Niche within a Niche.

So, how do you stop getting overwhelmed with all the information out there. How do you stop getting torn between your upline and downline (in Network Marketing).. Simple, get a coach.

I’ve been online in the Make money, Wealth Niche, since 2004. I made a full time living on eBay between 2004 and 2008. I became an Internet Marketer in 2010, and a Network Marketer in 2012. Before I came online, I had several brick and mortar businesses.

It’s about having a clear plan. A personal blueprint for you to put into action. Accountability, so I can help motivate and adjust as we go along. This is something I didn’t do at first and it probably cost me thousands in lost revenue.

If you are tired of struggling and you want my help, fill out this survey. This will help you to do some self analysing and will help me decide the best plan of action for you.

To your Success


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  1. Absolutely love these tips Keith! It is so important to have a clear plan of action if you want to have success online 🙂 Great post!

  2. Working home-based has many advantages like not wearing office uniform you can wear your desired outfit. This post is a great help to not worry about competition if you work at home.

  3. I like the idea of finding a niche within a niche. Excellent idea!. Great share Keith!

  4. thanks for sharing these awesome tips to win in home business

  5. Great tips Keith… gotta stay focused for sure and finding a good niche is also highly important. 🙂

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