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The SECRET Laptop Lifestyle Pain and Pleasure Formula

OUCH… week 9 and my gums are EXPLODING!..

Hi, and welcome to week 9 of my journey around the UK, Europe and the World.

This week was a little bit different.

Instead of the happy array of pretty pictures and pleasant surroundings, I flew out to Budapest to get some treatment for my aching teeth. I was in search of a Toothful Nirvana, but got 5 days of pain. None the less, I have begun my journey to have my mouth transformed and hopefully my smile will return.

The Dental Clinic in Budapest  

what is the laptop lifestyle

You might be thinking, why did I go all the way to Hungary for the treatment. Very simple, cost, PLUS, the standard of  Dentistry in Hungary is second to none.

So, I’ve completed my first treatment, I had 5 implants, 3 root canals, one sinus lift and a tooth from the front row removed. The next stage is to come back in June of next year to have the teeth, crowns, and bridges fitted, hopefully returning my face back to a smiling one..

(Watch this space)..

BOOM!… here is a quick video I shot in Budapest from the top of the Budapest Eye. This is a fairly new landmark in Budapest and arrived only recently in March of 2017..

P.S Forgive the poor quality, my face was aching and my mind was elsewhere..

After a few days of treatment, I could see how this relates to people who struggle with things every day. Progress, or trying to progress does not come easy to most people as we are constantly programmed to stay the same and “fit in”. Each step toward a goal can be very painful (like the dentist), but as we take each painful step, the pain lessens as we progress..

Here’s my very philosophical video, taken from my hotel room at the Danubius Hotel Arena   

So, what did I learn this week. Simple, progress is pain. Each painful step is another step nearer to your goal. This week represented anew beginning for my teeth, but each and every week, I will take a new and painful step toward another goal. This is the key to success in anything.

KEY: You can’t move forward in life, business or relationships if you just stay the same. It  takes courage to branch out, get noticed and introduce change into your life. Be brave, don’t fear the pain, don’t fear failure.. it’s only temporary. Success is around the corner if you are brave enough to “go for it”.

Until next time…

I wish you peace and happiness. If you got value from this post, please share and comment. Thanks


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The Laptop Lifestyle My Personal Journey around the UK, Week 8

The Laptop Lifestyle.

Wow, last week (week 7) was pretty much a “write off” week. My car decided to give up the ghost and needed a new water pump. so I was pretty much grounded in my hotel in Skegness, Lincolnshire for three days while waiting for the car to get fixed..

The Journey so Far

Soooo, I headed down from Lincolnshire to Porlock in Somerset to begin Week 8.

Porlock is a beautiful village in the heart of Somerset, 5 miles west of Minehead. The area has links with several Romantic poets, R. D. Blackmore, the author of Lorna Doone, being one of them and it is very popular with visitors.

The Village of Porlock has has a feel of “stepping back in time” and some of the cottages are many hundreds of years old. The village itself has links to Saxon times and is now a part of the Exmoor national park.

I stayed at  Glen Lodge  in Porlock which I can thoroughly recommend. The views were amazing (see below)

Link to Facebook Post

laptop lifestyle

I also visited Porlock Weir while I was here. (See Below)

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You may think it is expensive to keep on travelling. This is true as you have accommodation , food and fuel costs (for the car), etc, etc, however it’s all relative. If you have a mortgage or you are renting, the costs can be quite high.

Currently my travel costs are twice as much as my mortgage and normal living costs. But when I was location dependent, I could only travel every now and again. The trick is to earn more than you spend (of course)..

Running an online business can be both fun and very profitable if you do it right. It can also give you a great chance to see more of your Country and the World.

Will I keep travelling forever?. Probably not. But while its doable and fun, I’m going to keep going.

Here are some more pictures from this weeks travels..

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laptop lifestyle


I also spent some time is Minehead. This is a seaside resort in Somerset, about 5 miles from Porlock.

Check out this video:

Well, that’s it for this week.

I am currently back in Chichester staying a few days at my cousin’s house before I’m off to Budapest on Sunday, November the 5th to get my teeth sorted.

Speak soon.

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Why You Are NEVER Too Old To Make Money Online

If you think you are too old to be starting a business online, think again.

We are living in a GOLDEN age where age is no longer relevant. People are living longer, and instead of putting their feet up and retiring at 65 to a restful existence, fuelled by inadequate  pension payments, the NEW smart senior entrepreneur has emerged..

In the early days of the Internet, it was indeed mainly a younger person’s playground, it was thought that the typical online entrepreneur was going to be a 16-20 something, however all that has changed, and here’s why.

Using the Internet to build a business has been made a lot easier as advancing technology has levelled the playing field so that people no longer have to  be be tech savvy to make money.

Almost anyone can learn the skills to now make money online. People of all ages can now see the potential of the Internet to improve their lives. We now have a huge amount of senior citizens making money online.

You no longer have to learn coding skills, it really is mainly “paint be numbers” simple. YES, there is a learning curve, but the over 55’s are now a huge force to be reckoned with online, as the ‘Roger Bannister” effect kicks in and just like the 4 minute mile, once seen as being “off limits”, the over 55’s are now CRUSHING it online.

Reliable, dependable people of all ages are now adding to the amazing mix of regular internet users.

If you think about it, an online business is an ideal business for someone who may be retired, or nearing retirement as it means you can build an online income from home. You might have the time now to spend on building a lasting business that can provide you with an income for years and years to come.

Social media sites have reported that there is now a much larger group of over 55’s using their platform, especially Facebook. Facebook recently reported the over 55 group as the fastest growing group of users.

Just because a person has advancing years doesn’t mean they are senile or passed it. Many seniors have a lot more brain power than people half their age.

It’s not about how old you are anymore, it’s about the people skills and other online skills and wisdom you have acquired along the way. Often or not, people over 55 have great determination and resilience, these are great traits to possess, especially for online marketing.

Big pay checks online are not awarded for how young you are, it’s what you do that counts. If you can master some basic skills (you can) you can make an income online. I’ve been doing it for years and I’m not a spring chicken…

Have a great day

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