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How To Get Out of a Rut, and Get On With Your Life

How to get out of a rut.

Feeling stuck?. Welcome to the club, it happens to all of us at some time or other. The thing is, how do we get unstuck, out of a rut and on with our lives?

How to get out of a rut.  How do we even know we are feeling stuck?.

Well, it usually starts with being “generally disinterested” in things. A feeling of “being trapped”.. not going anywhere, etc, etc. Hey, this happened to me a while back, I really did not know how to get out of it. I even started asking friends, how they got out of a “heavy funk”.

This is actually a sign. It’s a sign that things need to change. You are more than likely bored with your life and you’ve lost direction. Hey, this is very common. Even the most dynamic of individuals find themselves doubting themselves and generally being disinterested in things..

feeling stuckSo, How Do You Stop Feeling Stuck?

Admitting to yourself, let alone friends and family can be difficult. No one wants to feel like a failure and the last thing you want to do is feel ashamed to be stuck. We all hate to confront our imperfections.

When you feel stuck we tend to experience frustration and disappointment on a daily basis. We feel stuck for all kinds of reasons. You may be lugging around a body that you’re not happy with. Maybe your business is not going well. Maybe you not only feel stuck but you feel stupid too. After all, intelligent people never feel stuck, do they?..

Of course they do. No one is immune. I bet even if you asked top marketing coaches and mindset guru’s, they would tell you they too get stuck sometime. So, if you are feeling upset or shameful about it. Stop…. it happens.

The first thing to get yourself out of a funk..

is, stop keeping it to yourself.. Whoaaaa… I know, this sounds counter intuitive. After all no one likes to hear people’s problems, right?. Well, if you have some understanding close friends, or members of your family who truly love you… they will listen.

Feeling Stuck Is Nothing to Be Ashamed Of

Do you know what. I used to be in denial. I would never admit there was anything wrong with me.. Don’t be like this, no one is an island. Human beings need other human beings..

Sometimes all it takes is a good laugh with a friend to start lifting the funk. Or have a chat with someone who’s been in a funk and got out of it. No one stays stuck forever, especially if you talk to someone about it.

Sometimes, it pays to share. Yes, even that things are not working out. I know this whole “Law of Attraction” thing says that concentrating on your problems only brings more of them, and it’s right, however there is nothing wrong with sharing a problem with a friend to get some ideas on how to get out of a rut..

Write it down.. 

This is what I do. I write down on a piece of paper (yes, paper, not typing on a computer), the brain pays more attention if you are physically writing it down. Write down how you feel, what are you stuck on and why do you think you’re stuck (don’t worry if you don’t know, it will come)..

Now write down some possible solutions underneath. This gives your subconscious something to work on. The next thing is:

Go do something you don’t normally do. Break the monotony. Go see a movie in the middle of the afternoon, go out to your favourite coffee place. Do anything that takes your mind off being stuck.

Tip: Remember, shame is often disguised as pride. Keeping a stiff upper lip about your problems is as bad as denying you have one. Problems are not disasters, they are just challenges, that’s all they are. You can find a way around or through anything if you look hard enough.

The main thing here is not to stay “stuck”.

After writing down, how you feel, why you are stuck, you now need to make a written plan to get unstuck. But before you do. Write down the things you are good at. Write down the ways you have positively impacted others, write down your achievements.

It can be anything. Maybe you are a good parent, maybe in the past you were good at volleyball, hockey, martial arts, anything that you’ve done well. Now switch your thoughts from being “stuck” to thoughts of past achievements.

I got over my “funk” by simply treating it as a thoughtful period in which something had to change. In my case it was my online business. I had been doing the same thing for a long time and I needed to re look at what I was doing and do something different.

Human beings get bored if they keep doing the same old things. Some people see that as normal and never have a problem with it while others do see it as a problem.

How To Get Out of a Rut – Time to change..

Put on your favourite music track, get the brainwaves waving again,  listen to audios of your favourite influencers. Anything to keep your mind off being stuck and start to make a plan.. keep writing until you have the plan down on paper, and then take action on it…

I hope this post has given you some value. If it has, please do share and leave a comment below. Let me know if you’ve been feeling “stuck” lately and how you got over it.

Peace and prosperity.

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How To Earn Money Online – Itch That Niche

How often have you seen ads all over the Internet, telling you how to earn money online?.  Yes, they are everywhere. In fact, if you dissect what is happening. Most people who make money online are actually doing so, by telling others how to make money online.

I’m not knocking this, I’m just stating a fact.

For me, there had to be more. Yes, I made money by telling others how to make money, however, I got bored with the same old, same old and decided to do something about it.

I needed more from the online marketing space, more than just more of the same, and I was determined to get it. To me, it was more than just about making money. Sure, the money can be great, but if you are getting bored with doing the same old things online, your online exploits become as interesting as the boring old job you just quit.

Yes there are a ton of products out there telling you how to make money, however most of it is the same old SNOOOZEFEST!.

For example..

Offer a lead magnet of some sort, drive traffic to a fairly motivating capture page, deliver the lead magnet and offer a sequence of carefully crafted emails aimed at getting people to buy your affiliate products.

This works well if you send good quality targeted traffic on a regular basis. There’s nothing wrong with this model at all, I’ve used it for years with great success but talking about just making money all the time was not what I was put on this Earth to do, and if this applies to you too, listen up..

How To Make Money Online – Itch The Niche

The basic money making groundwork we use every day to bore people into buying more money making products, can be applied to almost any niche. You see, if you love something, the chances are there is a big fat crowd of people who also love the same. When I say “fat”, I’m talking big…

Do you remember the old saying, “Find a Hungry Crowd and feed it”, well this doesn’t just apply to food. People are crying out to be successful in niches that quite frankly, are starving for information.

Let me give you an example.

There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of horse racing fans in the UK. In America, this figure runs into millions and millions. Most people that bet on horses are terrible at it.

Horse racing information is always in demand. If you are a big horse racing fan, and you have access to information that will help punters be better at betting, you have a huge audience to sell your daily information to.

In England, and in the USA, we have people making millions from selling horse racing information.

So, what is it you love doing?,

How To Make Money Online – So What Is Your Point?

My point is, instead of naturally appealing to the side of you that “wants to make money”, appeal to the side of you that “wants to be happy” and learn how to make money from that.

Somewhere deep down, you probably have an “itch”. NO, not there.. I’m talking an itch that is a deep down longing, a “thing” that you love to do. Something that if you could get paid to do it… you would do it for the rest of your life. Whatever that “thing” is, learn how to make money selling information on how to do it well.

You are far more likely to succeed and stay successful in something if you have an overwhelming desire to do it, don’t you think ?

That’s all I’ve got for today. I hope this helps answer the question “how to earn money online”, Come back and check this blog out regularly. I’ve been a bad boy this time and not blogged for over two weeks, but normally I blog more frequently.

If you have found value in this post, please do share it, also if you leave a comment below, that would be awesome.

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Peace and prosperity, always

Keith Everett

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How To Start a Home Business That’s RIGHT For YOU

“How to start a home business” is something you hear people asking all the time in forums such as the Warrior Forum, etc.  However, one vital ingredient is missing.

What people should be taking in to account is THEIR own personality. No one knows you as well as you do. I have seen countless people sign up to a Network Marketing opportunity, only to never speak to a single person. They quit very quickly as they are not getting the results they thought they would and they then proceed to blame the opportunity or Network Marketing itself.

If you are not going to speak to people, why would you go into Network Marketing ?.

This same thinking applies to all aspects of a home business. Not all home businesses are suitable for every person. If you get this part right from the very beginning, you will have less stress, less confusion and less overwhelm in the early days of your home based business.

So who is Network Marketing suitable for?.

The answer to that is simple. People who are not only sociable but sociable to the extent where THEY will engage others to chat, to engage and talk about their lives, so YOU can see if the products that you sell could help that person. People who do not like engaging with people,  do not normally make good Network Marketers.

In fact, I don’t know any, however I don’t know everyone, so there could be a few (one or two) who may have overcome this roadblock..

How To Start a Home Business – SO, what is suitable for you?.

Let’s think about this for a moment..

Do you like creating content?. I mean, do you really like it?..

Well, if you like creating content and you can learn how to do things that many people desire how to do, why not create your own digital products?. Hey, listen.. I know what you’re thinking?. You’re thinking, that’s going to be hard. I haven’t written anything since I was at School..

I feel you..

I was exactly the same. I left School umpteen years ago and had never written a thing. That was UNTIL I decided to do this “Internet Marketing Thing”.  Trust me.. even if your head is a complete “content free zone” and all you can hear inside your brain is a big old ECHO… you can do it.

If you put your mind to it, you can do anything..

Believe me when I say, you can never run out of things to write about and sell. Think of all the new books coming out every day. Think of all the new products coming out on Warrior +, JV Zoo, Clickbank etc.

Fortunately for us, you can create products for pennies online and sell them for 1000’s% profit. I still look at this business in awe every time I sell an eBook for $7 on the Warrior forum or as much as £20 ($25.00) on eBay.. Once you’ve created the product you can sell it over and over again.

So, if you love creating content and you love the idea of making your own products, product creation could be for you. Here is a product that has helped me a lot with product creation, and NO, you don’t need to spend $100’s of dollars to find out this information.

How To Start a Home Business – But What If I Don’t Want To Create Products?

Ok, so far in our quest to answer the question “How to start a home business”, we’ve looked at the ever social Network Marketing and the ever creative Product Creation businesses.

So, what if you are not a Social Butterfly and you just don’t want to create your own products. What then?.

Affiliate Marketing..

Yes, Affiliate Marketing. This is a CRAZY business that allows you to sell other people’s products, often for 50%, right up to a 100% profit without holding any stock, doing any customer service or delivery.. All you do is get people to the sales pages and let the sales page sell them.

Well.. it’s not quite as simple as that..

You can’t go plastering sales pages everywhere. people will think you are a Spammer. You need to warm people up first, you need to attract people to YOU. Yes, YOU. When people let go of their hard earned cash, they want to make sure that you are genuine. They want to make sure you are not trying to scam them.

How do you do that.?

Eh, create content…

Uh Oh.. it’s that “C” word again.. YUP.. Content baby..

You can’t really get away from it..

To tell you the truth, YES there are some schemes, some are pipe dreams, out there that you can get some short term money coming in for a while by posting links and all things Yukky like that, but in the end.. it’s the content marketers who stay the distance..

If you look at any Network Marketer or Affiliate Marketer who has been around a long time, they are nearly always people who create content. Blogs, Videos, etc, etc… it’s your (our) way of putting a brand out there in the marketplace. This is what separates you from everyone else..

To be successful online in the LONG term, you need to brand YOU as the solution. Not the products or the company that makes the products. Once you learn how to successfully brand you, you can build longevity and outlast many people who just come online and spam people.

How To Start a Home Business – The Summary

I’ve been a Network Marketer, a Product Creator and an Affiliate Marketer. These are all great business models and can create freedom for you and your family, but look at yourself first. Don’t wait until you are 6 months down the line before you realise a model is not right for you.

Decide what kind of marketing you feel “right” doing. What aligns with your personality. All business whether online or off requires hard work and dedication.. I know that is not very sexy, but it’s true.

Yes, there is always something new out there to divert your attention (and your funds) away from the business you are in. And YES, you can mix and match Network Marketing, Product Creation & Affiliate Marketing, but don’t try and master them all at once, you’ll just get overwhelmed.

Master the one thing that you align with the most. Make money from that before adding more income streams.

I hope you got value from this post. If you did please do give it a share and leave a comment below. That would be Awesome..

Till next time,

Peace and prosperity.

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How a POWERFUL Posture Can Increase Your Sales 100%

Posture. What are you telling the World, about YOU?

Your significance in this World, is directly linked to how significant you feel.

Now don’t get me wrong, everyone is significant in my eyes, however, many of us get lost in a sea of insignificance. We see others getting ahead, sometimes far ahead and we feel lost, or even left behind.

What is it that separates one person from another when it comes to selling, or running a successful business?.  What separates someone who say sells 10/15 products a week to someone who sells 1 or 2, perhaps none?. .


There are two real kinds of posture, how we appear to others and how we think about ourselves. Check out the video below. 

Being confident and having better posture often comes with success, but how do you become confident if you haven’t had success yet?

The first thing to remember is, those people you admire, they are not a lot different than you. Yes, they now have money and all the trappings of success, however, most were previously broke, and at times felt distinctively lacking in the confidence department.

SO, how can you break free?

The first steps to breaking free, acting and feeling more confident,  and powering up your posture is to first of all tell yourself it’s possible. Because it is.

The relationship you have with yourself directly determines the relationships (and success), you’ll have with others. You have to like yourself in order for others to like you. And others do have to like you in order to deal with you.

“What others think of you is none of my business”, I’m here to tell you, this is total #BS. What others think of you IS your business if you are trying to sell to them or get them to join you in your business. Relationships are EVERYTHING if you want to recruit more people and make sales.

What we think about ourselves does not remain with us in our brain. Other people are picking up on your mood, your posture. How you look to them is how you are perceived by them.

Posture – The Golden Rule Often Missed By 99% of People

Managing your body language and your thoughts boosts your confidence, which will improve your posture. Good posture has nothing to do with how tall you are or aren’t, it has EVERYTHING to do with how you hold your physical posture and how you feel about yourself.

You can match anyone in anything, as long as the person you are speaking to believes you can. When you sell something to someone, their belief factor is significantly increased in the product if

A) You use stories to create images in your prospects mind, just how this product (or joining you) will improve THEIR life and solve THEIR problem

B) They believe in you.

Posture is created out of having a genuine confidence in oneself and the very thing you are asking the prospect to do.

That’s It..

Even if you are speaking on the phone, or using chat on Facebook. Your poise, posture and confidence are invisibly transmitted through your words. People know exactly where you are coming from.

This is why Spam rarely works. It has no heart, it has no soul.

Quick Recap

Posture is an inward and outward thing that we can change by adjusting our body language and improving our thoughts. Our significance in this World is really down to how significant we believe we are, and everyone… is significant.

People who are. or appear to be doing better than us were more than likely struggling in the beginning. Once they increased their knowledge, confidence and posture, things changed for them.

I hope you got some value from this post. If you did, please share it and leave a comment below. If you want to pick up a really useful report on how to better program yourself, get it here.

Peace and prosperity

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