You don’t have to be a Magician to pull off the “impossible”. Unlike a “trick” or an “illusion”, getting more done by doing less is NOT Magic, it is essentialism.

less is moreWhat is essentialism?.

“Less but better”. The Art of investing in the right activities and achieving better things by doing less


“If you don’t prioritise your life, someone else will” – Greg McKeown – Essentialism

Most people are very good at “looking busy”, in fact some people have perfected the art of looking busy in their workplace. They always look busy when the boss is around, however when you take a person  away from the workplace and put them in the  entrepreneurial space, you can’t use the same “smokescreen” and expect to get away with it.

The energy people use up doing multiple nonessential things, is far in excess of the energy required to just complete the essential things. In fact, if you only concentrated on essential things, you would not only have more energy, you would also reach your goal a lot quicker and have more time for your family and yourself.

The reason there are so many people in our online marketing space who struggle, aside from people who just can’t be bothered, of course is that most people concentrate on doing as many non essential things as possible.

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever found yourself stretched too thin?. Have you ever felt both overworked, yet underutilized at the same time. Have you ever found yourself majoring in minor things?.


This is normal. Most people have these feelings.

We have been taught that to be “busy” is to be productive.

Nothing could be further from the truth.. in many cases, being busy is just a smokescreen for not actually knowing what you’re doing. The most productive people on Earth, are actually the people who have mastered essentialism. The art of getting the most done by directing their energy to essential activities only.

What are essential activities?

If you are in business, your No1 essential activity is to make a profit.

No matter what business you are in, if you are not selling, you are not growing. You grow by producing profits. I know people come into the online business World with all kinds of reasons and different agenda’s, but if you’re not selling, you’re not in a business you simply own a hobby.

Some join Network Marketing to Save the planet, end World poverty and all kinds of other good stuff, but none of this is relevant or possible if you are broke all the time. What example are you setting to others if you yourself are not selling and making money?

Selling stuff, be it products or services is ESSENTIAL to any online business,,, At least 80/90% of what you do daily should be about Sales. This is essential.

There are more activities and opportunities in this World than we could ever hope to invest in or take part in. Our job is to cut out those things that have no bearing on us achieving our goals.

Essentialism is not about how to get more things done. It’s about how to get the right things done. It certainly doesn’t mean doing less just for the sake of it either.

It’s about prioritizing your time and energy so you only do those activities that serve you, and are absolutely essential.

Here’s an example

If a person is learning how to create a home business. The essentialist will concentrate on one thing first and steer their energy toward the attainment of it. The non essentialist will spend 20% of their energy on each of 5 different things at once.

Most people fail online because they either don’t make ANY, or very few sales..  it stands to reason, if they were making sales, they wouldn’t quit. The reason they don’t make sales is because they spend about 20% (or less) on sales and 80% (or more) on making a big noise.

All is not lost. Simply refocus your energy from the things that are not serving you, to things that do serve you. In the case of working online, concentrate on sales 80% of the time. The other 20% should be spent on acquiring skills and doing the necessary steps to run the business.

Remember: If you are running a home business and you are not making sales, you have a hobby. Hobbies are expensive. Concentrate on those activities that produce revenue.

So you can actually get more done and have more time to spend on other things by spending less time on nonessential activities, good productivity definitely does not stem from always doing more, it comes from prioritizing and executing those essential activities that produce the results you want.

The difference between a Non Essentialist and the Essentialist


Non-essentialist                                                            Essentialist

All things to all People                                                 Less, But Better                                                  

“I have to”                                                                            “I choose to”

“It’s all important”                                                          “Only a few things really matter”

“How can I fit it all in?”                                                  “What are the trade-offs?


Non-essentialist                                                            Essentialist

The undisciplined pursuit of more                      The Disciplined pursuit of less

Reacts to what’s most pressing                             Pauses to decide what matters

Says “yes” to people without thinking               Says “no” to everything not  essential

Tries to force execution/last minute                  Removes obstacles


Non-essentialist                                                               Essentialist

Lives a life that does not satisfy                               Lives a life that really matters

Takes on too much, and work suffers                    Chooses carefully, to do great work

Feels out of control                                                          Feels in control

Is unsure of doing the right thing                            Gets the right things done

Feels overwhelmed and exhausted                        Experiences joy in the journey


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Peace and prosperity.

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