Lead magnet ideas. Lead generation can be a whole lot more effective if you are actually giving the prospect something of value in return for their information. The problem is, most people do not know how to create simple eBook, lead magnet giveaway.

Problem solved.

I go through a simple step by step way that anyone can create a good looking lead magnet from  a simple blog post. You’ll find a ton of lead magnet ideas in the video below.

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The thing to remember is, if you are blogging, it really is as easy as I showed you in the video to make multiple lead magnets. If you actually have something of value to say in your blog posts (which you do), then it’s a simple transition to be able to turn that knowledge into a decent eBook, lead magnet.

You want to make sure your lead magnet is not too long. 5 or 6 pages is enough, people want a short 5 minute read to get to the answer to their problem, not a whole Stephen Kin novel.

I have shared my secret Fiverr source in the video, to get your own very professional cover and insert for your lead magnet. She delivers in 24hrs, so you are good to go the very next day.

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