Waaaaaaaaah!..   By now you have probably seen the daily dose of “I’m clearing out my friends, if you want to stay, comment below” type of messages on Facebook.  Just type in to the Facebook search “I’m clearing out my friends” and you will see hundreds of similar messages..

In fact after doing a lot of research, I found many, many different versions of the same message

“I’m clearing out my friends list.. too many asspickles on my friends list (what’s an Asspickle?) – from Teri Camaso Labiaga

“I’m clearing out my friends list. There is no such thing as friends. Not really. I can count on maybe a handful but most others ain’t friends. So if you make the cut its cause you showed me you are true. If you end up gone… Well shows you couldn’t give a crap about me just like my no good husband”. – from Melisa Nicole..

So, why are people not happy with their friends on Facebook?

It could be for several reasons, but lack of communication seems to be the No1 problem.

Lack of communication is one of the biggest problems we have in the World today. We have the best tools for communication we’ve ever had, but people are not using them in the way they are intended.

Let’s take the Mobile Phone.. it’s a phone, you speak to people on it, or so you would think so, however people use them more for taking selfies and texting than they do for talking. The majority of the people you see walking along the street with a mobile phone are actually looking at the screen. They are texting, watching a video or playing a game..

It’s the same with Facebook. The intention of Facebook is to bring people together, to communicate and form relationships. However, over time, the once positive communication, now seems to  have been replaced with “Stickers”, “Emojis” &”Gifs” … words seem to be a secondary form of communication now..

facebook friendsIn general, people are getting lazier..

Why speak, when a simple LOL or a sticker will do..

So, it is no wonder that people feel the need to “throw out their Facebook friends” for a new set every now and again, always blaming the other party for “not communicating”.  the truth is. if people are not communicating with you, it’s because your posts are not showing up in your friends newsfeed, and the reason for this is..

You don’t communicate with THEM… If you have 4,768 friends, and 4,758 are not communicating with you, you can’t expect all of these people to physically search you out to communicate on your posts..

It takes work, and herein lies the problem..

The way to get people to communicate on your posts is to build more “Edgerank” on Facebook by liking, commenting and sharing your friends posts regularly. Edgerank is Facebooks own algorithm to reward people who communicate with their friends by showing more of their posts to their friends.

The more people who communicate on your posts, shows Facebook that those posts are of “key” interest to people, so Facebook show them to even more people, for longer. If you never communicate on other people’s posts, those people will probably never see yours..

So, by deleting friends, you are not solving the problem, you are just creating more problems, because future friends you keep adding will only see your posts if you communicate with them.

Announcing to everyone on Facebook that you are deleting friends unless they “comment below”, kinda reminds me of Junior School…. “give me your ice cream or we won’t be friends any more”…


Communicate with people. Like, comment and share their posts. If you share their post, tag them in it to let them know you are sharing. People will reciprocate.

When people comment or like your posts, click on their name, go over to their wall and like and comment on their posts. This will immediately increase the chances of them seeing your future posts in their newsfeed.

It’s a two way street. Building relationships takes time, just because it’s online doesn’t mean each relationship is “less” than an offline relationship. Many people have found good offline friends and business partners (even life partners) through Facebook.

All it takes is a bit more effort from you, to get people to see your posts.

That’s it from me. If you found value in this post, please do share it and leave a comment below.

All the best

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