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Why MOST People NEVER Make Money Online & How To FIX The Problem

I think I am qualified to tell you why most people DON’T make money online. I struggled for years until I made money online, nearly lost my house doing it and generally got SO beat up online, I thought about QUITTING.

All those stories of “Easy” this and “Push Button This”.. it’s all marketing hype. This is designed to keep you buying products. Let me tell you this, although some products actually “help” you to make money online… it’s not a product that you really need to be a successful marketer, it is an “adjustment” to your current thinking…

make money onlineHere’s what I mean..

The first thing to remember is,  because something is NOT working for you, doesn’t make it a SCAM. If you go around thinking everything is a scam, you are clearly carrying the wrong mindset around with you. This is NOT the mindset of Successful Entrepreneurs..

Let me clarify this. Affiliate Marketing, Network Marketing are just different ways to sell products online. Neither are Scams, however, they do have people in them that scam people.

Scammers are there in all walks of life, not just the Internet. If you are living in fear of getting scammed, you will never branch out and do what it takes to be successful online.

Entrepreneurs are not people who constantly fear being ripped off.  Entrepreneurs are people who are willing to risk time and money into an “unknown result” in order to prosper..

You have to believe in things before you see a result. Non Entrepreneurs want to see things before they will believe it.. that’s the difference.

ways to make moneyWhy MOST People NEVER Make Money Online & How To FIX The Problem

OK, let’s look at actually fixing the problem, instead of talking about the problem.

Step 1. Check your mindset. Is it the mindset of a person who is about to become successful?.

Bad Mindset:

A) Blaming others for your lack of success. We live in a “blame” society where people feel entitled. They blame leaders online, they blame the lack of information, they blame the quality of the training… everything but themselves.

The reality is, no one is going to make you successful, except YOU. There is a huge amount of great information online, and many great leaders who can help you. If you never approach anyone or seek out the right information, then take ACTION… of course nothing will happen.

B) You have to spend Money. Yes!.. in an Alice in Wonderland World, everything would be free and money would pour from the Rooftops, however.. we are living in the REAL World. You have to spend money on training & tools. You may also have to spend money monthly on products if you are in a Network Marketing program.

Get used to spending money. If you want people to give you money, you have to spend it.

C) For things to change, your current circumstances will have to change. I see so many people making this mistake. If you want to live like others only dream about, you are going to have to make sacrifices in the short term.

Some things will have to go. You may have to cut out some or all of your TV, Gaming, Clubbing, Vacations etc for a while. Business never stops. When you are asleep, you should be earning money. This is what a true residual business is, you learn to create income 24/7, 354 days a  year.

OK, so clear the blockages you have about business and money. Believe that you can do it (if others can, why can’t you?).. and let’s get with the Good Mindset.

Good Mindset:

A) Learn to be unstoppable. Stop blaming others and “things” for your lack of Success. It’s YOU, only you. Man up – Grow some Ba**s and admit you are Wrong. You have been letting yourself off for too long for your lack of success .. It’s time to admit, you have not been doing what you are supposed to do.

You haven’t been putting in the hours. You haven’t been training your mind daily to be more positive, you’ve been HOPING for success but NEVER had the FAITH in yourself to pull it off.

This has got to STOP!..

B) Money is Energy – Let it go. You’ll never make room for more if you hang on to money with a stranglehold. You are just sending the wrong message out to the universe. You’re saying that you do not have enough faith in your ability to make more. The World is full of Abundance, there is more money in this world than anyone could possibly need.

Let it go. Invest in yourself. Pay for great training, pay for a mentor. Invest in a good company, good products.. Invest in your business and stop trying to do everything on the cheap. You are fooling No one..

C) Courage. If someone has done it, it makes sense that you can do it too. If you have spent a long time trying to make money online and you’re not there yet, have the courage to change your strategy until you find one that works. You don’t have to know everything nor try to learn everything to make money online.

You just need to be willing to learn, turn your knowledge into money by selling what you learn, or/and sell other peoples products by giving value (what you learnt) first before asking for the sale. If you only ever digest one paragraph, make sure you digest this one.. for within it lies the SECRET to Success over Failure..

And that’s me done.. Whew!!

I hope this has been useful..

If you got value from this post, please share it and leave a comment below. I would appreciate that.

All the best

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I’m Deleting My Facebook Friends.. RANT!..

Waaaaaaaaah!..   By now you have probably seen the daily dose of “I’m clearing out my friends, if you want to stay, comment below” type of messages on Facebook.  Just type in to the Facebook search “I’m clearing out my friends” and you will see hundreds of similar messages..

In fact after doing a lot of research, I found many, many different versions of the same message

“I’m clearing out my friends list.. too many asspickles on my friends list (what’s an Asspickle?) – from Teri Camaso Labiaga

“I’m clearing out my friends list. There is no such thing as friends. Not really. I can count on maybe a handful but most others ain’t friends. So if you make the cut its cause you showed me you are true. If you end up gone… Well shows you couldn’t give a crap about me just like my no good husband”. – from Melisa Nicole..

So, why are people not happy with their friends on Facebook?

It could be for several reasons, but lack of communication seems to be the No1 problem.

Lack of communication is one of the biggest problems we have in the World today. We have the best tools for communication we’ve ever had, but people are not using them in the way they are intended.

Let’s take the Mobile Phone.. it’s a phone, you speak to people on it, or so you would think so, however people use them more for taking selfies and texting than they do for talking. The majority of the people you see walking along the street with a mobile phone are actually looking at the screen. They are texting, watching a video or playing a game..

It’s the same with Facebook. The intention of Facebook is to bring people together, to communicate and form relationships. However, over time, the once positive communication, now seems to  have been replaced with “Stickers”, “Emojis” &”Gifs” … words seem to be a secondary form of communication now..

facebook friendsIn general, people are getting lazier..

Why speak, when a simple LOL or a sticker will do..

So, it is no wonder that people feel the need to “throw out their Facebook friends” for a new set every now and again, always blaming the other party for “not communicating”.  the truth is. if people are not communicating with you, it’s because your posts are not showing up in your friends newsfeed, and the reason for this is..

You don’t communicate with THEM… If you have 4,768 friends, and 4,758 are not communicating with you, you can’t expect all of these people to physically search you out to communicate on your posts..

It takes work, and herein lies the problem..

The way to get people to communicate on your posts is to build more “Edgerank” on Facebook by liking, commenting and sharing your friends posts regularly. Edgerank is Facebooks own algorithm to reward people who communicate with their friends by showing more of their posts to their friends.

The more people who communicate on your posts, shows Facebook that those posts are of “key” interest to people, so Facebook show them to even more people, for longer. If you never communicate on other people’s posts, those people will probably never see yours..

So, by deleting friends, you are not solving the problem, you are just creating more problems, because future friends you keep adding will only see your posts if you communicate with them.

Announcing to everyone on Facebook that you are deleting friends unless they “comment below”, kinda reminds me of Junior School…. “give me your ice cream or we won’t be friends any more”…


Communicate with people. Like, comment and share their posts. If you share their post, tag them in it to let them know you are sharing. People will reciprocate.

When people comment or like your posts, click on their name, go over to their wall and like and comment on their posts. This will immediately increase the chances of them seeing your future posts in their newsfeed.

It’s a two way street. Building relationships takes time, just because it’s online doesn’t mean each relationship is “less” than an offline relationship. Many people have found good offline friends and business partners (even life partners) through Facebook.

All it takes is a bit more effort from you, to get people to see your posts.

That’s it from me. If you found value in this post, please do share it and leave a comment below.

All the best

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Why You Are NEVER Too Old To Make Money Online

If you think you are too old to be starting a business online, think again.

We are living in a GOLDEN age where age is no longer relevant. People are living longer, and instead of putting their feet up and retiring at 65 to a restful existence, fuelled by inadequate  pension payments, the NEW smart senior entrepreneur has emerged..

In the early days of the Internet, it was indeed mainly a younger person’s playground, it was thought that the typical online entrepreneur was going to be a 16-20 something, however all that has changed, and here’s why.

Using the Internet to build a business has been made a lot easier as advancing technology has levelled the playing field so that people no longer have to  be be tech savvy to make money.

Almost anyone can learn the skills to now make money online. People of all ages can now see the potential of the Internet to improve their lives. We now have a huge amount of senior citizens making money online.

You no longer have to learn coding skills, it really is mainly “paint be numbers” simple. YES, there is a learning curve, but the over 55’s are now a huge force to be reckoned with online, as the ‘Roger Bannister” effect kicks in and just like the 4 minute mile, once seen as being “off limits”, the over 55’s are now CRUSHING it online.

Reliable, dependable people of all ages are now adding to the amazing mix of regular internet users.

If you think about it, an online business is an ideal business for someone who may be retired, or nearing retirement as it means you can build an online income from home. You might have the time now to spend on building a lasting business that can provide you with an income for years and years to come.

Social media sites have reported that there is now a much larger group of over 55’s using their platform, especially Facebook. Facebook recently reported the over 55 group as the fastest growing group of users.

Just because a person has advancing years doesn’t mean they are senile or passed it. Many seniors have a lot more brain power than people half their age.

It’s not about how old you are anymore, it’s about the people skills and other online skills and wisdom you have acquired along the way. Often or not, people over 55 have great determination and resilience, these are great traits to possess, especially for online marketing.

Big pay checks online are not awarded for how young you are, it’s what you do that counts. If you can master some basic skills (you can) you can make an income online. I’ve been doing it for years and I’m not a spring chicken…

Have a great day

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