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How To Quit Your Job In a Mad MAD World.

How to quit your job. A recent survey in the USA from pollsters Gallup, showed that approximately 70% of people who filled in a questionnaire, were pretty much disillusioned with their current job.

I don’t think there are too many surprises there.  Today, people are being asked to do more and more for the same money, and pay rises for the masses are generally either too small to keep up with inflation, or non existent.

In the UK, people on PAYE (pay as you earn), pay a lot in monthly national insurance payments, plus 20% base rate tax, and 40/45% income tax, for higher earners.

work from home businessThe World has gone Flipping MAD… 

No matter which way you look at it. The average working man (and woman) gets screwed over and over again for knuckling down, getting a job, and being a productive citizen.

Even when you do put your head down and be a loyal employee, you still run the risk of getting downsized, no job is safe any more. So the “risk” of starting a home business actually looks even more attractive these days..

Let’s be honest here…

Before the Internet, people had reasonable excuses to not want to go into their own business. Many brick and mortar businesses are fairly costly to start. But with the Internet, it blew 99% of the excuses away. Nowdays, literally anyone can get online and start a home business.

I had enough of getting up at the crack of dawn, commuting to work, putting up with ungrateful bosses and earning myself 2 days off at the weekend..

Is this how we were designed to live?..

I think not..

Do you know the odds of you being born at all?… The  Odds of your being born in this particular time, place and circumstance: about 1 in 400,000,000,000. You are a flipping miracle.

You weren’t designed to work for 40/50 years to pay billls and end up broke. However that’s the reality for most people.

work from homeHow To Quit Your Job – You Must Do This First

Now, before I go any further. Working for yourself is no holiday camp. Many people who work for bosses just do enough in the day to not get “fired”. You can’t bring that attitude into the self employed arena. If you do,  you’ll be banging back on your ex boss’s door faster than Secretariat won the Kentucky Derby..

How To Quit Your Job And Create a Better Lifestyle

Firstly, don’t ever quit your job on a Whim. Yes, your boss might be driving you nuts.. but think about the consequences of quitting. Most people are only two or three paychecks away from being completely broke, so if this is you, build a business in your spare time. FIRST.

Whaat???.. you have no spare time.

This is exactly why people need to build a business. They spend nearly every day at work.  Time is precious, once it’s gone, it’s gone. You can always get more money, but you can’t get more time..

I should know. I did this all WRONG!..

Back in 2010, I quit my job. YES, I had some savings but I also had a large mortgage and a ton of debt. The thing was, I thought I was invincible. I thought I was going to master this  home business “Internet Marketing” thing in a few weeks and really make a TON of money.

After all, the products you buy usually tell you “how easy it all is”..

The “thing” is. It’s not easy. It’s not easy at all.

I fell on my A*s, several times. Even to the degree that I nearly lost the house.. I made a total of $16 in commissions in my first year as a “full time” Internet Marketer. I was on a destructive journey to Brokesville!!!!

SO, how did I turn it all around?

Here’s what I did. I worked out what was the minimum I could live on, without going broke. Believe me, it’s only when you take a long hard look at what you spend money on, you actually start to realize that you spend a lot of money on “crap”..

Some people spend $20-$30 a week on Coffees.

That’s $1000 – $1500 a year.. YES, on COFFEE!!!..

I boiled it all down to a minimum, then worked out how many hours I would have to work in a crappy job to pay the bills every week. I think the magic figure was 25 or something like that.

About 2 – 3 days work a week. And that’s what I did

I started working back at a job, but far less hours. (P.S if your old job won’t let you do this, find a different job)..

I then worked my Internet Marketing business on the other days, so I was almost full time in my business, and part time in my job, which was supporting my bills, in fact all of my living expenses.

Now here is the delicate part. Do you think you are an Internet Marketing Dum A*s?. If you are, hold tight, this next chapter is for you.

How To Quit Your Job – You Know More Than You Think

Most of my non online friends have jobs. In fact, probably a good 50% of them actually hate what they do. They know that I work full time from home, yet can’t see themselves doing it. WHY?

I’m no one special. I have an average education,  I have bills, struggles and the same problems as most people. It’s not that people can’t quit their jobs and work online, it’s because they have been conditioned to believe that they can’t.

People who do well online are usually no different from anyone else, except that they choose to believe that they can do it. It takes work, probably more than most people are prepared to do. You can either look for excuses, make it hard,  or you just get on and do it.

As with anything in life, there are those who do, and those who watch others do. People who are continual watchers, they watch everything…but make very little money, or progress.

Quitting a job and working for yourself begins in your mind first. Take a look around you at the people who are making money online, are they a special type of person?.

I can tell you, they are not.

Family, kids, mortgage??… YUP, plenty of people making money online who have family, kids and mortgages…

English, not your native tongue??.. plenty of people whose first language isn’t English, are  making money online..

Getting on a bit?… Lots of online Entrepreneurs are in their 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and upwards. Age is a number, not an excuse…

Live in a small country?.. lots of people I know online who come from small towns and countries.. remember, we have the Internet, your audience is Global.  In 2015, it was estimated 3.2 Billion people are online, nearly half of the World’s population.

BOOM!, there has never been a better time to work toward quitting your job and becoming a full time Entrepreneur…

SO, lastly. What does it take?

If you know nothing about making money online, that’s OK. Most people don’t know much at first. In fact, people actually know more than what they think they do, as they have probably been using Social Media, for instance, to communicate with friends. This can be a big advantage as Social Media is a very good way to get customers.

You don’t have to be a genius to make money online. You just need to learn things and implement them. Here is my quick guide to getting started.

Step 1. Decide what type of online business YOU could be YOURSELF in.

A) Do you love talking to people?. you might prefer Networking in a Network Marketing business..

B) Are you creative?. could you create products?, what are you passionate about?. What subjects do you have knowledge about?. Maybe you could create products, digital products even, in something you are crazily passionate about..

Clue: The Top 3 Markets online are Money Making, Health & Wellness & Relationships. Could you create products in any of these three huge markets?.

C) Perhaps you would rather just sell products on Commission. You could find products in your Niche, and sell them online for commission.  Affiliate Marketing is ideal if you are new or an experienced marketer . There is no delivery or customer service to worry about. You sell, you get paid.

Step 2. Learn the basics, then DO IT!

You would be surprised how long people spend in “getting ready” to do something. Yes, there is basic stuff to learn, yes you can always find information online and most of it, is free. If you are prepared to spend an afternoon searching YouTube and Google, you’ll pretty much find all the information you’ll need to get started.

Tip. It’s better to get started, even if you don’t fully know what you are doing, than to wait until you are 100% clear on everything. I am never 100% clear on anything I do online, but I start anyway.  You’ll never be perfect at anything either, and you’ll only get frustrated by trying.

So let me recap on how to quit your job and create a better lifestyle.

Step 1. Find an online business model that YOU can be YOU at. Share your passions, get creative.

Step 2. Build your business part time without the worry of finding money to pay bills, keep your job going for now but give yourself a goal when you will actually quit your job, this is very important.  It took me a while to go full time, I did everything wrong, made every mistake you could possibly make,  but it depends on your determination and how consistently you show up in your business.

It took me a while to go full time, I did everything wrong, made every mistake you could possibly make,  but it depends on your determination and how consistently you show up in your business.

OK, this blog post is getting Waay, Waay too long.. I hope it gave you some ideas. 

Just do it. If you’re going to do it, you may as well get started now!.. who knows where you’ll be in 6 months, or even a year’s time.?

If you got value from this post please share it and leave a comment below. That would be Awesome..

On that note, have a great day..

Here is something a friend of mine, yes an ordinary working man called Riley does to make money on the Internet. It may not be for you, but who knows.

Peace and Prosperity


How To Get Anything You Want With These 5 SECRET Laws

These 5 Secret Laws were taken from the best selling book “The Go Giver“. You can get just about anything you want in life if you are prepared to abide by these 5 Universal laws.

There are many Universal laws in existence, however, if you follow these 5, and put them into Action, your life will start to change for the better.

If you are in an online business of any kind, you should see some very significant changes for the better if you apply these 5 laws.

the law of valueThe Law of Value

Your true worth is determined by how much more you give in value than you take in payment. Think about it. When all has been said and done and your customer has bought your product, or your prospect has joined your program, are they still “feeling” like they got a great deal.. days, even weeks after the sale took place?

If you over delivered and they are still “reeling” from all the value they got. The chances are, they will come back time and time again if they bought your product. If they joined your program, they will keep in for months, even years if they feel they got great value and are still getting value.

People want to be surprised. It’s not always normal these days to get great service or a great deal. If you can be “one up” and always offer people more than they expect, you are on to a winner.

It’s simple. You give, give, give because you love to. This is not a strategy, it’s a way of life.

The Law of Compensation

Your income is determined by how many people you serve and how well you serve them. Some people are brought up on the belief that there are only two kinds of people in the World. Those who get rich and those who do good. This could not be further from the truth.

Being broke serves no purpose at all. Least of all to you. There is no nobility in poverty and although this will not go down to well with many people, poverty is more or less a choice. Yes, there are exceptions, some people’s inner and outer circumstances will always be about poverty, however, we all have the power to change our inner circumstances.

Poverty (or riches) is in direct proportion to how we see ourselves.

If you work in a low paying job. The chances are, anyone can do that job. You are not your job, however people often see what they do in a job, as their limit. In truth, it’s not a limit, it’s only a beginning.

There is always plenty of room at the bottom of the ladder. The top jobs and positions have far less competition, as fewer people believe they can truly fill them.

So, serve many people well. Start your own business and pay yourself to build your own dream, instead of building someone elses.

The Law of Influence

Your influence is determined by how abundantly you place other people’s interests first. Not many people get this because they are too busy keeping score of what someone else owes them.

However, if you give freely, without expecting anything in return, and you have a genuine wish to see people come out on top. You too will come out on top

People need answers. Those who provide answers are in demand. You influence people by being attractive to people. The more you genuinely help people, the more in demand you become and the more influence you have.

The Law of Authenticity

The most valuable gift you have to offer, is yourself. Authenticity, in itself is worth ten thousand times more than all the selling & closing techniques put together.

People have very sensitive #BS Radar systems. They know when you’re not being real, authentic. Here’s the way to get closer to people, be a friend and make people feel good about themselves.

Inside every business/salesperson is a true authentic self waiting to burst out. You will never know how many people you affect in the course of a day. You can either affect them in a good way or a bad way.

The more people you can be true to, the more people will feel inspired by you. You don’t have to be an expert on a product or service for someone to want to buy it. If they feel comfortable with you, they will overlook any inexperience you may have.

Be a friend and you’ve already given one of the best gifts you can give a person. Be authentic, let people like/love, buy from the real you..

The Law or Receptivity

This sounds very much like the law of reciprocity, however, this is an entirely different law. The Key to effective giving is to stay open to receiving. This is such a huge law, I’ve left it till last.

Put quite simply. The secret of getting is giving, and the secret to giving is making yourself open to receiving.

How many times have you refused a free cup of coffee, or the offer of some help etc. I have two family members who never like to receive gifts of money, they politely refuse, they say things like “you shouldn’t have”, when someone gets them a gift..

The truth is, when you do this you are telling the universe you don’t need, nor want for anything. If you think it’s always better to give than receive, try only exhaling, instead of inhaling and exhaling. Do you see my point?.

No matter what it is, a coin of low value on the floor, or the offer of a free coffee, accept. Get good at saying “Yes”. I know several people who say “No” a lot, and I mean a lot. They are not very happy people. You should always allow people to give you a gift or buy you something… this way, you make two people feel good.. 🙂

I hope you got good value from this post. If you did, please do share it and leave a comment below. Thanks.

Peace and prosperity.

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7 SECRET Ways, Reading Books Can Transform Your Life

Are you reading books?. Did you know that reading books can actually transform your life, that can help maintain brain health, make you smarter and actually make you healthier.

Do you want to know how?. Keep reading

Here are some things you may not know about reading books.

No1. Reading stimulates the Brain. Keeping your brain engaged in a good book can prevent it from losing it’s natural power. Your brain is like a muscle, if you don’t use it, you will start to lose the use of it. People watch so much TV these days, their brain doesn’t have to think. Watching is not the same as thinking.

People watch so much TV these days, their brain doesn’t have to think. Watching is not the same as thinking. By reading and following the text, your brain is fully engaged, your imagination is in full flow.

In some cases, reading can assist in helping prevent Alzheimers and Dementia.

No 2. It reduces Stress. Reading can often combat the effects of modern living. It helps take your mind off stressful situations, thus reducing your stress. People who read tend to be more relaxed. You can get get lost in a good book whether it’s factual or fiction.

No 3. Increase your Knowledge. The most interesting people tend to be people who are always learning new things. You increase your knowledge by reading factual books. We don’t remember everything we learn but reading a book several times over can imprint it’s content on the brain and turn you into a  very knowledgeable person.

No 4. Expand your vocabulary. One of the reasons that readers appear smarter than many non readers, is that they tend to have a much wider range of vocabulary. Books give you a chance to explore and use new words. Reading books can actually help you speak better, which is good if you are creating audios and videos, or just want to be a better speaker.

Reading books can actually help you speak better, which is good if you are creating audios and videos, or just want to be a better speaker.

No 5. It can improve memory. As you read, your subconscious mind goes back and forth to find associations from your past. This helps improve memory. By constant reading, your memory will improve.

No 6. Improved focus and concentration. Many people suffer from ADD, Attention Defecit Disorder. This type of behaviour increases our stress levels and lowers productivity. Reading a book focuses on one thing, the book. Even reading on a crowded train or bus for 15-20 minutes a day will vastly improve focus and concentration.

No 7. Improved Writing Skills. Show me any top writer who does not read books. Reading can improve writing. Observe how top writers write and model other people’s writing styles until you develop a unique style all of your own. If you read regularly, you should never be short of content ideas. I often use books for ideas for my blog posts.

Tip. If a book has 12 chapters, you potentially have 12 blog post ideas. From each chapter, take the main topic and two sub topics. You now have 3 main points to write about in your blog post. Some books have 20 or more chapters.. keep buying books and you’ll never run out of ideas to create content about.

I hope you found this post useful. If you did, please do comment below and share the post. Thank you.

Peace and prosperity

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3 STINKY Secrets on How To STOP Procrastinating

Procrastinating.  Most of us do it., but Why? why do we procrastinate?, . Hmm, I got thinking about this the other day as I went through an old folder.I had been hanging on to this folder for years. In this folder were dozens and dozens of business ideas. Some going  back years.

I had been hanging on to this folder for years. In this folder were dozens and dozens of business ideas. Some going  back years.They were all projects that I never really go around to doing. In a nutshell, procrastination STINKS!..

Watch the video first. It will give you an overview of how damaging procrastination can be. Then read the rest of this post to reveal those four STINKY secrets.. and believe me, they do stink!..

STOP Procrastinating – Work With Keith  

Stinky Secret 1. Trying to be Perfect. 

For some people. If it isn’t “perfect” then it’s not going out. This is crazy. All this does is put something on “hold” that was perfectly OK to send out and be seen.

Most products, videos, blog posts etc, etc are far from “perfect”. If people had waited and waited until a perfect version was found, the world would have been deprived of many great inventions.

SIDENOTE: Put it out and improve so you can present version 2 at a later date.. If it’s a product, you can sell the new version as an “add on” or give it to existing customers as a free update.

Videos. These are never perfect.

Blog posts. Get them out. You’re not writing a book. This is a blog post.

Stinky Secret 2. Self Sabotage.

Hmm, this is a tough one to take in. Sometimes, people procrastinate because of something much deeper, they do not feel worthy. They  self sabotage themselves by putting things off  indefinitely, so as to not face potential criticism from others.

SOLUTION: Realize that this is an imperfect world we live in. The people who make the most money in this life are not necessarily the best at what they do, they just went ahead and did it.

It’s better to be perfectly imperfect than to not do anything. Version 1.0 is far better than version 0.0 (Brendan Bruchard).

Stinky Secret 3. You just don’t like the Activity. 

Sometimes, we agree to do things because it seems the right thing to do. We do however really often want to do things we like doing, and at first glance, sometimes the things that are required of us seem to be things we dislike.

This tends to make people want to procrastinate if there is no instant gratification. We are so used to doing things we like in our “routine” that anything new starts to ring alarm bells in our heads.

SOLUTION: You weren’t born liking the things you like now. You grew into it. This can be said for anything, why spend your life only liking 6 things when you could like 12 or 24?. Often or not, we can surprise ourselves by doing things out of sufferance and actually enjoy doing them once we do them over and over.

Ask yourself a question:

What is putting “x ” off, costing me?. Both now and in the future. It may be something like putting off making your first video online. What is this costing you in future business, future sales. Will it stop you getting to where you want to go, or seriously affect your progress.

These questions need to be answered.

Get a piece of paper. Compile a list of all the things you have put off since “forever” in the left  hand column.  Then in the right hand column, write down next to each thing, exactly what this is costing you, by putting it off.

You might be surprised.

I hope this post helps you to act more on your decisions. A Decision to do something is only as good as the action that follows. You can decide to do things all day long, but if you don’t actually give that decision legs and go do it, you’ll stay the same. Nothing will change.

Until next time.. speak soon

All the best

P.S  STOP Procrastinating – Work With Keith 


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